Installation guide for headlight relay upgrade kits (Lichtupdate Paket) from Audi

This instruction describes the installation of the headlight update kit for the following vehicles:

  • Audi 80/90/4000/Coupe/Cabrio 1983-1995
  • Audi Ur-quattro, Audi S2/RS2 1980-1997
  • Audi 100/200/500/5000 Type 44 1982-1991

For the 1988-1994 Audi V8 (type D11), the installation guide can be found at the FAQ on

Both headlight update kits can be obtained at Audi 100 online Shop ->
Kits are sold in the following configurations (pictures left to right).

  • Update kit for high & low beam
  • Update kit plus for high & low beam, together with a pair of premium Phillips Vision Plus H4 type bulbs
  • Update kit for low beam alone

Depending on your vehicle & personal skills, installation is an easy job that can be done within 30-60min.
You donīt have to solder, crimp or cut any wires - the update can always be undone, without any problems.

Caution: disconnect battery first!

Required tools:

  • Philips type screwdriver (you may find one in your onboard tool kit)
  • small flat-bed type screwdriver (blade should be 3-4mm wide)
  • 8mm Hex nut for removal of driverīs parcel shelf underneath steering wheel

The headlight update kit integrates fully into the existing wire loom between headlight switch and fuse box.
Relay housings can be attached to the aux-relay panel #1 on the driverīs side.
The upgrade will not disable the factory headlight monitor (lamp control unit) and requires no additional fuses.

Bottom view of fuse box and multiple connector locations.
Pin F56b on brown multi-pin connector (red circle) represents low-beam coming from headlight switch F4.
Pin I56a on red connector (blue circle) is the high beam, coming from headlight switch F4


Installation & wiring:

Open the hood, locate the fuse box near the firewall and remove fuse box cover.
After pushing the 2 release clamps outwards, lift fuse box out of itīs frame approx. 10-15cm.
Lifting out fuse box might be limited, due to the fact, that cables restrict movement and space.

If you want to attach relays to the aux-relay panel #1, remove driverīs side panel. There are 8mm Hex bolts on Type 44 cars and some Philips type bolts on Audi 80/90 that has to be removed. After removel of the shelf, you may also want to remove the footwell heater channel on Type 44 cars, in order to gain better access to relay panel (2 Philips type bolts left & right).

Locate one or two (depending on what headlight kit you use) empty brackets on top or bottom row of relay carrier, attach headlight relays and  move cables towards fuse box opening.

Driverīs side aux-relay panel #1 with headlight relay

Carefully grab all relay kit wires and pull them firmly until you have enough room to work.


Pull out both red & brown multi connectors simultaniously from the fuse box. You have to lift up the release clamps on both sides with a flat bed screwdriver first. Then seperate the connectors from each other (see photo below)

Praise out the securing cap on brown connector (F) and open the housing.
In order to release the cap, you will have to push a flat bed screwdriver into the center of the connector housing.

Remove yellow wire (coming from low beam switch) out of the connector housing
After lifting up the securing clip (see photo above), you can pull out cable(s) together with AMP Power timer crimp connector.

Connect yellow cable from update kit with the released yellow cable from the fuse box.
Make shure that crimp connector fits in firmly into brown single connector housing

Push red cable from update kit (with yellow colour ring) into brown multi-connector on exactly the same location, where the yellow cable was before.
Close multi pin connector securing cover and push both (red & brown) connector housings back into their locations in the fuse box.

Attention: take extremly care that all connectors are pushed fully back into their location!

You can either attach brown ground cable(s) (Pin 85 on relay kit) on one of the 4 bolts that hold the fuse box frame, or you may use any other chassis bolt within range for a proper ground connection (photo below).

Constant power supply from pin 30 will be connected to contact area L on fuse box (photo below).
Locate one empty 9.5mm blade type connector on fuse box and push in red cable(s) with black housing.
Push housing & crimp connector fully into fuse box, in order to enable good power supply!
Sometimes, the crimp connector inside black housing can become loose, preventing electrical contact - pay attention!

Now the low beam is done - time for a function test.
Turn ignition switch on and check if low beam is working.

High beam wiring:

Locate red multi-pin connector I in the back of the fuse box, near yellow multi pin connector and pull it out, after releasing the securing tab.

Open connector housing (see above) and remove white/black cable I56a coming from the high beam switch.
Connect this cable with white cable from relay kit in the same manner written above (yellow cable)
Push red cable with white colour marking into red multi-pin connector in exactly the same location where the white/black cable was before.
Close multi pin housing and put it back into place on the fuse box. Make shure the connctor snaps in firmly into his location.

Now all the wiring is done!

After putting everything back into place, you may want to check you headlight again.
Let the engine idle and switch on low beam and then high beam.
If everything functions normally, youīre done with the update, if not, go back to the top and double check all positions for possible mistakes.

Question and remarks regarding the headlight upgrade kit could be send to:

Let there be light!